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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 24, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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thank you. dc.tart off id ambulance was too far away council members will be theing a hearing about city's response times. been failures.
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died outside aan dc fire house. help. refused seizure. was having a 400 calls. the milest ambulance was away. taken byer was firetruck. this.ave to fix
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today puts blame on company 26. is live look outside, it colder. same.ooks the it is 20 degrees colder. lovely sunrise. cold front came through
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last night. flurriesance may bring tomorrow. winds, the chill factor is in the 30s. in there some problems upper midwest. breezy and 47 degrees. >>thanks. goverment has sent out a
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warrant for the ukranian president. they want to sell off his estate. murdere smuggled his weapon into jail. u.s..ed the had 24 years. member ofest serving retire. with dealmaker.ter
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he won first.rried out feet looking for killers. the victim was hit in the head. 20-year-old christopher johnson is charged with misdemeanor assault. say speed and all called were factors in a crash that killed a teenager in frederick county, maryland just before midnight on buffalo road in mount area. timothy burdette was killed when his car hit a guardrail and then a tree. we are expecting to learn
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details about another delay with metro silver line. thatews partners report issues will further delay the certification of the line. once the silver line is certified it will turn over to metro for 90 days of testing. the delay means phase two to rest and may not open until the summer. >> it could become cheaper to own an easy pass in virginia. lawmakers are pushing to eliminate those monthly fees, which are $.50 right now every month for a regular transponder. users, afor apple security flaw makes it possible for hackers to see your personal information. why the latest update does not completely fix the problem. to theprotesters take streets to stop justin bieber from moving into their town. why the story is not all that it seems. >> get ready for mind games.
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protesters for justin bieber's potential move to atlanta was all just a prank. they are all interns for the regular guys radio show. it appears biebs fell for the hook, too. tweeted, it is all about the
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music, much love. millions of shoppers were hacked and now we are learning one retailer may have it ignored the warning signs. helde company could be liable. >> it is time for leaders in washington to provide the tools we need to do even more. holdersney general eric says it could be the crime of the century. 70 million customers with information exposed. holder says the law has to change. ontoday i am calling congress to create a strong national standard. federal law requiring companies to quickly alert consumers about cyber attacks, and if not, they are held legally responsible. to breaches, banks and hospitals are federally regulated but many companies, including retailers, faced no uniform federal standards.
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that is why senators grilled executives from neiman marcus and target. it is now being revealed that neiman marcus overlooked 60,000 internal alerts that its credit card system was being hacked. still, target shoppers are undaunted. >> they were up front from the very beginning. i love target and will always shocking the matter what. a federal law to hold retailers feet to the fire is getting mixed reviews. >> i do not think it was overkill. we need protection. >> i think we get lazy when we want the government to do everything for us. a man and his two dogs are recovering after a water rescue in prince william county. a part of lee's helicopter saved the man and the dogs stranded on lake manassas. the canoe flooded with icy water and firefighters tried to enter
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the water but their rescue suits were not equipped for the conditions. the man did suffer hypothermia. even though it was warm out there over the weekend, the water was still very cold. >> the water takes longer to heat up and vice versa. we have the cold. thawing overg and the past few weeks. definitely back on the cold side of things. -- gottent written rid of a lot of the snow, however. >> that is good. >> this is a map of the progression of the snow. this is from when we could go sunday up to today. snow lefttle bit of in western maryland, carroll county, and in the mountains in west virginia. the rest of us, naked ground. >> parking spots, finally. a blog on this on
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what we typically see. and yes, snowfall back in the forecast at. over here is where you will find our blog. things look absolutely beautiful at this time. across the region. 44 degrees is the temperature. to windchill factor is down 37. other temperatures across the region, notice we are hanging onto 30's across the north. fredericksburg in the lower 50's. 45 in lexington park. speeds.the wind 15, 25 miles per hour across the region. certainly brings the feel factor down big time. 31 at dulles. 29 and gaithersburg. 27 in martinsburg. skies have cleared out after a cold front passed through the region overnight. things looking good up and down the east coast. snow showers across the great
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lakes but everything else is quiet. high pressure dominating not just the east coast, but the eastern half of the country. this is that cold polar air ushering into the region. this disturbance could come into our neck of the woods by tomorrow but i am not expecting much in terms of cut -- accumulation. this afternoon, nice and clear, clouds increasing through tonight. into tomorrow, a couple of flurries. i do not think this will be any big deal. through the evening, overnight tuesday into wednesday, a second chance of getting snow showers. the chances of getting a coating him fortinet, the causal increase once again. be 22 228 degrees. the skies with clay tomorrow. it will see some flurries and
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some sprinkles. it will be 35 to 40 degrees. snow chances this week are greatest in the morning on your wednesday. . numbers -- to bidders only be in the 30's. temperatures will be the low average. we should be around 49 for this time of the year. , they60's that we had were lovely. >> we are hoping for good things. >> and other major breakup on dancing with the stars. dancing cap edition -- the cast will be announced march 4 and season 18 begins march 17. >>e are seeing another side of
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actress kerry washington. take a look at this picture. jane fonda posted this from the party. it was the skin of creative home. kerry washington is seven months pregnant along with her two sisters and her mother. all-neweantime, an episode of scandal returns this thursday night at 10:00 p.m. abc. >> i can hear the excitement in your voice. a brand-new series that is truly mind blowing. lex it will get you thinking. the bigif leaving all moments to fate, we manipulate them with 60 years of research into human behavior? we stack the odds in your favor so that when it matters, you came out on top. >> that his mind games, new show that premieres tomorrow night
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right here on abc. we are joined live by its stars, christian slater and steve zahn. how does this work? lex very good. >> there is something to it. it is a key color. are say on the show that we passengers in our own brains. we are constantly being commercials and politics and movies. pilots of a 747, we are really a mouse running through the aisles thinking we are the pilot. >> it really affects our actions. subconsciously, we are always making decisions. them, bute are making
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it is outside elements. my character is an expert in that field. is more of the business savvy. we decided to start a company. we sell people we are manipulating whatever they need. you bring to these roles? >> the writing. and thehe script characters are very rich. every character, it is a great ensemble. it is a new premise. it is a business that is a start up. we're in the process of figuring of what the boundaries are what we can do psychologically.
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i loved the family element to it. i love the brother relationship. they did an amazing job. hired.ard he was we can't wait to tune in tomorrow night. -- can catch >> i was in washington dc last week. nice for a little bit. >> thank you so much, guys. thank you. you can catch both of them at 10:00. mind games is on abc7. >> big changes could become coming to the golden arches. up, we are trying to
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catch fakers in the act. cameras on metro buses are not just for accidents, they are catching people who are trying to cash in by faking injuries on the bus. some amazing if you own an apple device, you
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will to upgrade your software now. you need to protect from security fraud. it is offering a software pass for iphones, ipads, and ipod touches. there is no fix for the operating system for computers. >> mcdonald's is in the stages of looking at making breakfast
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of allowable earlier on the day. they want to bring more customers and. they stopped serving rectus at 10:30 a.m. >> >> it looks beautiful but still
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feels chilly. the temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40's. we may have snow on wednesday morning.
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it is a cool week ahead. >> we will see you back here for good morning washington at 4:30 a.m.
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